Saturday, 16 March 2013

China Glaze - Life is Rosy

I didn't want any of the China Glaze Avant Garden collection, until I saw the gorgeous swatches on Fashion Polish. Arrgh!  Far too gorgeous. So I bought two of the pastel shades. Today I am showing you one of them, Life is Rosy.
life is rosy 2
This is two coats of Life is Rosy, with topcoat.  Life is Rosy is a pretty, dusty-toned pink. I didn't actually mean to buy this one, I was after Pink-ie Promise, but I apparently went blind and/or stupid in the shop and picked up this instead. I think that in the bottle, this looks a bit granny-ish to start with, but then it really grew on me, and I think it's really pretty. 
life is rosy 4
Formula is perfect - smooth and even, really nice. I could have got away with one coat, but I added a second just to make it really even for the photos. This dries slightly darker than the bottle colour. 
life is rosy 1
The colour also changes quite a bit depending on the light - below photo and the one above are with natural light by a window, the top two are in artificial light.
life is rosy 3

In other news, as you've no doubt read on other blogs, Google is withdrawing the Google Reader, so if you follow me via that (i.e. you've clicked on the blue 'Join this Site' button on the right hand side) then that will stop working over the next few months. You'll need to either get a Bloglovin' account and follow me there (click the 'Follow this blog with Bloglovin' button on the right) or you'll need to do something else like follow by email...    


  1. I love a good "mom color" once in a while and this is a very pretty one. =)
    From this collection I need "Keep Calm, Paint On".

    1. That's on the way to me too! As is Pinkie Promise and Tarty for the Party.

    2. Add Fancy Pants to my list-- I want to try it with Fantasy Fire!
      And Dandy Lyin' Around-- I am suddenly having a 'white moment'.

    3. I'd probably get them all except that white one. I have two whites, which is more than I use much.


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