Thursday, 6 June 2013

Barielle Blackened Bleu

This is Barielle's Blackened Bleu, which I got in a swap with the lovely Squeakymom. This is two coats, with topcoat.
blackened bleu 3
Blackened Bleu (god, I do so love a pun!) is a gorgeous dark jellyish base with blueish green shimmery particles. I've seen lots of swatches of this on blogs which make it look very very blue, but mine has a definite green tinge, so I wonder if there is more than one version is out there.  Either that or my eyesight is going, and that is a distinct possibility.
blackened bleu 2
I don't know where Squeakymom bought this, or how long ago. I have only ever seen Barielle in the UK in TK Maxx, where they often have sets of 4 or more shades, but I've never seen this one in shops.
blackened bleu 4
I love how sparkly this is in the evening sunshine! I did have a bit of shrinkage round the tips by the evening, but I think that was the Seche Vite rather than the Barielle.
blackened bleu 1
What do you think?


  1. Hey Lovely
    I've nominated you for the Leibster Award, visit my blog to see the details.
    Much Love Laura x

  2. That looks really good on you, glad you like it.

    I snagged a set of 5 Barielle blues, including this and Swizzle Stix about this time last year in my local TK Maxx, heavily reduced because someone had swapped one out & there were two Swizzle Stix(s). Blackened Bleu is gorgeous, but a pretty close dupe for a Sinful Colors that I've used loads of, hence it was in the swaps pile.


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