Monday, 3 June 2013

Pink and Green - with a Striped Accent Nail

I've worn this combination of colours before (I do love pink and green!) but this time I decided to have a play with my striping tape, and ended up with this.
green striped nail 1
I've used Barry M Dragon and Greenberry, with the accent nail having a base of Essie Blanc. I added striping tape to the white base, then painted over with Greenberry before removing the tape.
green striped nail 2
The shimmer that's in Dragon (or Dragonfruit, as it seems to be mostly known online) is more visible this time round. I'm still not particularly wooed by the formula though - this is three coats, and my nails are feeling a bit thick. Two coats was still a bit streaky, but three does feel a bit gloopy.  Still - I really like the combination of pink and green, and the stripes remind me of Pacers (who remembers them?!) so I'm happy.

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  1. I love pink and this kinda green too! They go so well together - love it!


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