Sunday, 31 July 2016

Inspired by an Elephant: Rhinestone Skittle Nails

I live near Sheffield, and there is currently a fantastic art installation and charity fundraiser going on across the city, called the Herd of Sheffield. You can read more about it here. To cut a long story short, Sheffield is full of elephants - the big ones have been created by various artists, and the small ones have been made by local primary schools.  There is SO MUCH nail art inspiration amongst them all!

Today's nails were inspired by this theatrical baby elephant, Nelly Noodle, who is inside the Crucible (my very favourite Sheffield place!). I LOVE her toenails. 

I did a simple skittle using Barry M Guava and Key Lime, Illamasqua Prosperity, Essence Flashy Pumpkin and Barry M Blood Orange. I then used topcoat to stick on my smallest rhinestones in a random colour order.

I realised afterwards that I'd got the purple and the orange the wrong way round, but never mind!

I love rhinestones! I haven't worn any for ages, but now I see these, I can't think why! Look how they're reflecting in the sunshine!

So sparkly!

People always ask whether rhinestones are really messy and impractical, but if you stick them down with topcoat and then topcoat over them, they pretty much stay in place through a normal day. 

I will not be leaving it so long til I use rhinestones again! And I will definitely be doing more nails based on the Herd of Sheffield elephants!

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  1. Loved this mani when j saw it on IG & it's just as grgeous again. It reminds me of circus tents. I look forward to seeing your next elephant inspired mani.
    Vicky xx


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