Sunday, 7 August 2016

Neon Spirals with Models Own Polish for Tans

SOMEHOW, I mysteriously acquired these fabulous Models Own colours today. They just fell into my basket when I wasn't looking. 

I mean, oof. Look at them! Some of them are from the new 2016 Polish for Tans range, and a couple (I think the yellow and the bright orange) are from older ones that I didn't have. 

Anyway. This is what I did with them.  I used the base colour I was already wearing (Barry M Fondant) which had been on for a couple of days) and some What's Up Nails vinyl stencils, and sponged on random blobs of all the new polishes.

I love how this came out!  The stencils were a bit fiddly to use, especially on my other hand, but I'm happy with the result, and I'm hoping I can keep these on for a couple of days. 

There are one or two splodgy areas where the polish went under the stencil, but I'm choosing to pretend you can't see them.



  1. Ooh this is very pretty. I love this collection and have them in the my to swatch pile. I haven't yet played with them but I look forward to.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you! I was going to swatch them first, but I got carried away. Now I'm torn because I want to swatch them, but I don't want to to take these off!


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