Monday, 22 August 2016

Jacava Purples

Recently Lauren from The Naily Mail has been having a polish sale, and I took the chance to snap up some more Jacava polishes. I LOVE Jacava, and they seem to have gone out of business, so I was really happy to get these. 

I used three of these for this look, all purples. I started with a base using Purple Promise (the dark creme) and Blueberry Muffin (the lilac creme) and then used Marrakesh Nights (the dark purple shimmery one) and some tape for the triangles.

Marrakesh Nights is a bit too dark to really show over Purple Promise in these photos, but in real life it's a bit more visible.

Both the cremes are the usual excellent Jacava quality - Blueberry Muffin is a one coater and I used two for Purple Promise. 

I love the Jacava brushes as they're very narrow, which works really well for me, and the long handle makes them really easy to control. 


  1. Lovely! These colours go really well together. Great design x

  2. Ooh I also grabbed some polish from her sale, however I'm very sad that she's not blogging anymore. She was such a talented nail artist. These colours are amazing though, I love them in the nail art you did.
    Vicky xx


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