Saturday, 17 December 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Since I Fell For You

Post 2 of my spamfest for this weekend is Deborah Lippmann's Since I Fell For You.  This is another nail varnish that I've had for a while but not yet photographed. I bought it on a whim one afternoon in House of Fraser (£14 I think) and I love it!

This is two coats + topcoat, indoor light again because of the stupid weather.
since I fell for you 3
Since I Fell For You is a rich, extravagant feeling deep red. To me, it feels really luxurious and elegant. I don't often wear reds, and when I do they quite often feel a bit tarty and cheap looking on me, but I really like this one!
since I fell for you 4

I really like the application on this one. The bottle is excellent - as well as being very pretty, I like that it's really stable, so you don't have to hold it while you're painting, you can dip away without any risk of it being knocked over. The colour goes on very smoothly, doesn't look streaky or uneven, and is perfect in two coats. There's a really lovely sheen to the colour, and it lasts very well, no chips or anything in the two days I wore it, until I made the mistake of trying to prise open a preserving jar and chipped a couple of nails. That was my own fault though.
since I fell for you 2

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