Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Share the Love!

I'm off work poorly at the moment (horrid sinus infection, ew) so I'm lying on the settee feeling sorry for myself, and hitting 'refresh' on Facebook and Blogger every so often.  I'm not painting my nails, so instead, here are a few blogs I've been reading recently and which you may not know about!  Why don't you check out their blogs? I guarantee there'll be something to make you smile on a boring old Wednesday!

Nail Art Novice, aka Jenni, is based in Nottingham. I LOVE this cute monster mani she did this week! Isn't it adorable?

  Photo: Nail Art Novice

Tracey blogs over at Bite No More, and this week has posted a BEAUTIFUL freehand rose design...
 Photo: Bite No More
 ... and these gorgeous polka dots!
Photo: Bite No More

Roz posts over at Rozs Nail-Scapades and is based in West Yorkshire. Look at this lovely galaxy mani she did this week!
Photo: Rozs Nail-Scapades

Pretty Quirky is based in my old neck of the woods, North Wales (I haven't lived there in a long time now, but I do go back to visit regularly). She has some beautiful nail art, including this week's gorgeous tribute to her dog, who is quite possibly one of the cutest dogs ever!
Photo: Pretty Quirky

Enigmatic Rambles has all sorts of interesting posts, but the one that caught my eye this week was this gorgeous stamping affair, which reminded me of corsets and stockings... 
Photo: Enigmatic Rambles

Simona is Italian, and blogs over at Light Your Nails! Her blog posts are bilingual, which is great, because I can practice my Montalbano accent while reading out words I pretend to understand, and then I can read it in English afterwards!  My favourite post this week was her gorgeous autumnal stamping (with HOLO!) 
  Photo: Light Your Nails!

Please do check out their blogs! There are some real treasures to be found out there. :)




  1. Cool I'll need to check some of these out :-)

    Hope you feel better soon. I had acute sinusitis once and it floored me for at least 3 weeks. That was about a year and a half ago and I still get the occasional sinus headache but never had that sinusitis again. Take it easy and look after yourself :-)

    1. Thank you! I was similar - had a terrible sinus infection a few years back and now I seem really prone to them. It's only ever one side of my head, weirdly, but it's horrid. Never as bad as the first time, but bad enough.

  2. Thank you so much hun, I hope your feeling better soon xx


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