Thursday, 18 August 2016

Pink Roses

I've done freehand rose nails before more than once, but it's something I end up doing fairly regularly, because I like them so much.

The base for these nails is Barry M Rose Hip and Huckleberry. I then used Models Own Coconut Cream, Island Hop and Barrier Reef to paint the roses, and MoYou London Spring Green and Key Lime for the leaves. I then topcoated over everything for a smooth finish.

I'm pretty pleased with the right hand too - although don't look at my messy cleanup and dry cuticles! Somehow I can paint my nails on the right hand, but not do the cleanup!

I'd love to know your thoughts! Comments are lovely (even if you have criticism!)


  1. These are super duper! I love all of those colours together. Great job xx

  2. Well done on the right hand!

    stjärnor x

  3. These are amazing & im so impressed you got the florals on the right hand so perfect. I can't even do dots on my right hand.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thank you! I suppose it's just practice - I always do my right hand, unless my left is horrendous.


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